Scarlet Poppy Arte
Scarlet Poppy Arte is a collection of textiles and crafts transformed into one-of-a-kind couture pieces. Although the style of garments may be similar, each piece uses a different fabric making it a unique creation and producing an end result that is wholly different from any other.

Traveling from the foothills of the Himalayas to the southern tip of India on the Arabian sea allowed us to gather multitudes of fabrics. Over the years we have collected exquisite saris, rare cashmere and vintage loomed textiles from each region.  We support an indigenous art form while weaving together the culture of this long standing tradition of handmade silks and wools. The collection was enhanced with select luxury fabrics from Europe. 

Every garment may include a beautiful composite of antique saris, vintage fabrics, and luxury Italian fabrics. Please expect and accept small imperfections.

The Scarlet Poppy Arte Collection is wholly owned by the MCN Foundation.

MCN Healthcare & Foundation

MCN Healthcare has more than 30 years’ experience in healthcare development and education. In 2011 we started MCN Foundation with the belief that good health is a basic human right. Our goal is to empower communities to establish vibrant and participatory healthcare systems.

Improving the lives of women has the greatest positive impact on families and communities. We provide education for women to enable them to support their children and enhance their living conditions.

We mentor and promote the growth of grassroots nonprofits, primarily women led, located in India and several countries in Africa.

STOP India

STOP, India, a nonprofit located in Delhi, India, focuses on the eradication of Trafficking and Oppression against Women and Children. Prof. Roma Debabrata founded this movement in 1990.

STOP conducts rescue operations and provides safe accommodations, trauma counselling services, medical assistance and legal aid for the victims. STOP also provides self-help groups and training programs to assist the survivors in gaining access to employment opportunities.

We are using the proceeds from the sale of the Scarlet Poppy Arte Collection to support the training of the women at the STOP, India tailoring workshop, Thousand Dreams, in the arts of clothing design and tailoring. Roma’s vision is for some of the women to attend Fashion Design programs in the US and the EU. They are currently doing collaborative projects with design programs in Germany arranged through the support of STOP Freundeskreis.


Scarlett Corliss Poppy Arte

Scarlett Poppy is the creator of the Scarlet Poppy Arte Collection. Using fabrics she collected during worldwide travels with her mother, they collaborated in a way that celebrates both their creativity and the centuries old fine tailoring and embroidery arts from India.

The blending of the finest fabrics from Italy, with current and antique fabrics from Southeast Asia, inspired the creation of these one-of-a-kind pieces.

The garments are so beautifully designed and constructed they will continue to hold a timeless appeal. From mixing with denim to black tie events they will become treasured wardrobe additions for appreciative fashionistas and discerning collectors.

Scarlett respected and supported the work of Roma Debebrata and the organization she founded, STOP, India. We are donating the proceeds of this sale to STOP, India, to honor both the talent and the memory of Scarlett.

Scarlet Poppy Arte MCN Foundation